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Use of this site is subject to our privacy policy respects your privacy. We will not intentionally monitor or disclose any private messages or address information unless so required or called upon to disclose by any legal competent authority, legal/ regulatory obligation or court order. You agree to respect the privacy and confidentiality of others. We reserve the right to change or update these policies at any time upon reasonable notice, effective immediately upon posting to this site. The user hereby, without demur/ reservation expressly consents and agrees that he/she has read and fully understands the privacy policy of our website. The user further confirms that terms and contents of such privacy policy are clearly spelt out and are acceptable to him. Eastman Shop may change its policy at any time without reference to you. To know current policy you are under obligation to note policy. However, no change in policy will be retrospective.

The privacy policy outlined below explains how Eastman Shop may gather and use the information you provide. This privacy policy applies only to the information collected online through websites, microsites, mobile sites or mobile apps that expressly adopt, and display or link to this privacy policy and that are owned, operated or controlled by Eastman Shop, inc. or any of its affiliates (all of these collectively referred to as our "websites").

This Policy Provides The Following:

What Information Does Eastman Shop Collect And How Does Eastman Shop Use This Information?

What Information Is Collected By Eastman Shop On Its Social Media Pages?

Does Eastman Shop Share Your Information With Other Third Parties?

How Do I Stop Eastman Shop From Sending Me Marketing Email In The Future?

What About Eastman Shop Links To Other Sites?

Will This Privacy Policy Change?

How Do We Secure Your Information On Our Websites?

Where Should You Direct Your Questions?

What Information Does Eastman Shop Collect And How Does Eastman Shop Use This Information?


Only Adult Individuals Eligible To Contract Under India Contract Act Are Eleigible To Enter Into The Present Transactions.

Personal Information:

You Are At Liberty Not To Disclose/Provide Certain Requested Information, But It May Make You Ineligible To Take Advantage of Some of Our Features.

Personal Information Request Form You May Include Your Name, Address, Email Address, Contact Telephone Number, and or Information Related To Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Customer Purchase Habits And Other Purchasing Information, Details Of Products Purchased. If You Are Using One Of Our Websites, Microsites Or Mobile Apps That Allows Purchases And You Decide To Make A Purchase, We Also Collect Credit Card Information So That We Can Complete Your Purchase.

The Email Address Provided For Purchase Will Be Used To Send Confirmations And Marketing Emails As Well. You Can Instruct Not To Subscribe/ Receive Marketing Email From Us,

Our Websites Allow You To Contact Us Directly With Queries Or Comments Upon Our Products, Services, Websites, Warranty Registration, Surveys, Opinion Polls/Surveys ,Contests And Emails. This Process May Require You To Give Certain Personal Detailed Information To Enable Us To Address Your Inquiry.

We May Conduct Promotional Sweepstakes Or Other Contests On Our Websites, Which May Need Personal Information To Qualify For Participation In Sales / Product Promotion Or Contest.

In An Endeavour To Improve Our Quality Of Products And Services, Your Personal Information Can Be Used For Contacting You As Recent / Past Visitor For Market Research And Online Surveys.

And We May Receive Information About You From Other Sources And Add It To Our Account With A View To Share Your Experience With Us/Our Product. You May Also Appear In Updated Delivery And Address Information From Our Shippers Or Other Sources So That We Can Correct Our Records And Deliver Your Next Purchase Or Communication More Easily. If You Allow Us To Access Your Personal Information Through One Of Your Social Media Accounts On Social Media Sites Such As Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Or Others ("Personal Social Media Accounts") Eastman Shop May Allow You To Use Your Personal Social Media Account Information To Provide Us Information Requested When You Participate In Features On Our Website, But We Will Specifically Ask Your Permission Prior To Use Of Such Information. If You Chose To Provide Us Information Through Your Personal Social Media Accounts, Eastman Shop Could Collect Some, And Possibly All, Of The Data Indicated On The Request For Permission Screen That You Click To Grant Us Permission To Collect This Information.

This Information Could Include: Your Name, Profile Picture, Gender, Networks, User Id, List Of Friends, Birthday, Likes, Education History, Work History, Current City, Hometown, Interests, Relationship Status, And Any Other Information You Have Shared With Everyone On Your Personal Social Media Accounts. Please Keep In Mind That Your Personal Social Media Accounts May Change The Types Of Information That May Be Accessed When You Use This Process To Provide Us Information, So You Should Carefully Review The Request For Permission From Your Personal Social Media Accounts Prior To Using This Method Of Providing Information To Our Website. It Is Also Possible That Eastman Shop Will Be Able To Continue To Collect This Information From Your Personal Social Media Accounts Should The Information Be Revised By You Later.

Eastman Shop Collects Navigational Information Such As Browser Type And Version; The Service Provider Used To Access Our Websites; Whether Visitors Arrived Through A Link For Our Websites; And For Visitors Using A Mobile Version Of Our Websites, Technical Information About The Device Used, Such As Screen Size, Cookie Support By The Device And How Images May Appear.

Eastman Receives And Stores Certain Types of Information Whenever You Interact With Us. For Example, Like Many Websites, We Use "Cookies" And We Obtain Certain Types of Information When Your Web Browser Accesses Our Websites. We May Also Use Pixel Tags (Also Known As Web Beacons, Web Bugs, And Clear Gifs) on The Websites And In Emails. A Pixel Tag Is A Nearly Invisible Pixel-Sized Graphic Image on A Webpage or In An Email Message And Is Used To Collect The Same Type of Information As Collected By Cookies.

Eastman May Receive A Confirmation Through Use of Technology When You Open Email From Us, Including The Time You Open The Email And Whether You Click on Any Links In The Email. This Helps Us Make our Emails More Useful And Interesting.

Our Web Servers May Automatically Monitor The Number of Visitors, The Average Time Spent on The Site, The Popularity of Our Websites, And Any Programming Errors or Failures on Any of Our Websites In Order To Determine The Effectiveness of The Eastman Shop Websites.

Information Gathered Through Technology Allows Us To Evaluate Our Websites As To Visits or Use or Products Browsed or Purchased, Its Effectiveness And Ways To Improve And Minimise Inconvenience To Visitors In Our Websites. Cookies Are Also Used To Keep Track of Items You Put Into Your Shopping Cart, And To Tell Us Whether You Have Visited Our Websites In The Past.

With Knowledge We Obtain Through Technology, We Expect To Improve Our Product Quality By Visitors Experience on Our Websites And Through Our Emails Incorporating Most Desired Features/ Information, To Have access To Visitors Directly Through Our Websites, Eastman May Collect Information Through Cookies Or Technology May Be Shared With Other Personal Information You Provide To Us on Our Websites.

Personal Information May Be Collected Directly By Eastman Shop Through Social Media Pages And May Also Be Collected By The Social Media Site Hosting The Eastman Shop Social Media Page.

Personal Information Collected Directly By Eastman Shop On Its Social Media Pages Will Include All Type Of Information Transmitted Through Eastman Shop Social Media Pages And Others Social Media Pages.

Privacy Policy herein Given Does Not Cover Privacy And Security Practices Of The Social Media Sites On Which Social Media Pages Work.

The Social Media Sites Where Eastman Shop Has Its Social Media Pages May Provide Aggregate Information And Analysis To Eastman Shop About Visitors To Our Social Media Pages. This Allows Us To Better Understand And Analyze Our User Growth, General Demographic Information About The Users of Our Social Media Pages, And Interaction With Content on Our Social Media Pages. Overall, This Information May Be Used To Help Us Understand The Types of Visitors And Users of Our Social Media Pages And Use of The Content.

Except Sharing With Our Affiliates To Provide Details/ Information To You About Their Products; We Neither Sell Nor Rent Nor Trade Your Personal Information To Unrelated Third Parties, Except As Noted Here.

We Also Use And Disclose Your Information To Third Party Service Providers In Order To Facilitate Your Purchase, To Assist In Servicing Your Products, To Help You Exchange Your Products, And To Provide And Improve Our Communications With You. This Includes Exchanging Information With Other Companies And Organizations For Fraud Protection And Credit Risk Reduction.

Eastman Shop Has Exclusive Right To Share Aggregate Data About Its Sales, Customers, Traffic Patterns, And Other Related Site Information With Third Parties. No Data Is Connected To An Individual's Personal Information.

Take Specific Notice That Eastman Shop May Be Required To Comply A Court Order or Other Legal Process And Therefor Will Part With/Provide Your Given Personal Information To The Extent Required In Any Legal Proceeding. We May Also Release Account And Other Personal Information Believing Such Release Is Appropriate To Protect The Rights, Property or Safety of Our Websites, Our Users or Others.

In The Event Eastman Shop Merges With Or Acquired By Another Company, or It Acquires Another Business Entity or Its Corporate Reorganization or Other Change of Control or Sal of Substantially All Its Assets of A Division, Some or Your Entire Personal Details /Information Can Be Shared With Such Entity, And It May Also Be Retained By Eastman Shop.

If You Do not Want That Your Personal Information Given To Us Not Be Used By Eastman Shop ; You Can Opt-Out By Sending Specific Notice For It. However, Take Notice That Even If You Opt-Out You May Still Receive Emails Relating To Operational or Transactional Messages or Surveys, Such As Email Confirmations of Your Online Orders or Customer Service Details/ Communications From Our Side.

Your Personal Information/Details Shall Become And Constitute The Exclusive Transferable Asset of Eastman Shop Capable of Being Transferred In Event of Transfer of Assets By Eastman Shop In Legally Permissible Mode And or Event.

Eastman Shop Links To Other Sites

We may, if deemed fit for commercial exigencies, add external links to other websites. Eastman Shop does not evaluate/ vouch for nor are responsible for privacy practices or content that may be on such linked sites. The existence of any external link does not mean endorsement of the linked company, product or service. By Eastman Shop

Eastman Shop takes all possible security measures. If you are using one of our websites with an online store, we designed our online store to accept orders only from web browsers that permit communication through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology, which encrypts your information while it is being transmitted to us. Browsers that do not meet this requirement, will be prevented from navigating the online store section of our websites. We also use firewalls and other technical, administrative and physical measures to protect the information that you provide to us.

While we implement the above security measures on this site, you must be aware and accept, without demur that 100% security is not always possible.


We shall under no circumstances be liable/accountable or answerable to any user for any loss or damage, which may relate to or incidental to the use of any of the representation, assurance and or information contained in this offer put on the website. Sincere endeavor, care, caution and diligence has been exercised in making this representation. The entire representation is subject to all just exception prescribed by law as applicable in the matter and material appearing or pleaded by other website(s) which are not operated, floated, sponsored, supervised by us or as specifically provided herein.